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Get useful resources, tips, and tricks to help improve your corporate fundraising efforts. We’ve included blogs that focus on problem solving issues that charities typically encounter as well as templates and guides to help you organize and streamline your money raising activities.

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Starting from Scratch without the Overwhelm

Starting your corporate fundraising can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Answer these straight forward questions and begin to make moves towards successful fundraising.

Keep it Simple! Additional Revenue May be Closer than you Think

I hear all the time from clients that they need to source some new prospects. After all, new prospects lead to an increase in revenue… right? Well, that depends. Money in the form of sponsorship, grants, etc. doesn’t always come from the creation of new partnerships...

The Curse of the Elevator Pitch

Rethinking the elevator pitch to build an alignment conversation designed to connect your charity and the company you would like to have as a prospect.

Building Your Prospect List Like a Pro

Many of you have reached out, telling me that your prospect pipeline still needs help. You have told me you are struggling to get enough companies on your list and struggling even more to engage with them once you do. I hear you – and I’m here to help.

How wearing many hats makes you awesome.

Contribution by new BridgeRaise senior consultant, Cristina Evans. You know what you are?  Awesome. And capable, committed and resourceful.  Having worked and volunteered with some pretty great charities over the past 20 years that’s a truth I’ve learned:...

BridgeRaise bigger and better!

To support you better BridgeRaise is expanding and now has more capacity to meet your corporate fundraising and sponsorship needs.

12 Ways to Show Corporate #donorlove

12 stewardship moves for corporate sponsors and donors to try this month or all year around. They are easy, personal and fun and suitable for charities and nonprofits of all sizes.