Maximize your strategic corporate partnerships with a simple, efficient approach that works even if you have already tried everything.


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You want to raise big (for your nonprofit!) money through values aligned companies but you…


Don’t know where to start with your figuring out your best benefits


Have tried reaching out to companies without much/any luck


Your prospect pipeline was too short and really stale


You are sending out emails, but not getting the responses you need

AND you have SO MUCH on your plate you are already struggling to get through the day and you definitely don’t have one more minute to figure out how to build corporate partnerships in a strategic way.

I know what this feels like, and I understand where you are coming from. You want to enjoy your conversations with companies because you are in a mutually beneficial partnership. You want to be raising money for your cause with companies but not feel pulled in multiple directions. You know that you have something valuable to offer your corporate partners, and you want that message to come through clearly.

And the only way these win-win partnership can happen for you is if you:


Build your confidence around making a clear proposal


Determine the right type of corporate partnerships for your organization


Clarify your fundraising offer and develop messaging to support it


Build a corporate-centred sponsorship proposal

And you ensure your organization is ready to move into action when companies say ‘yes’!

Hi! I’m Heather

I’ve been fundraising for 25 years, and focused exclusively on corporate fundraising for over 15. And I have met so many fundraisers who are facing the same challenges. 

Fundraisers who have looked to free webinars and conferences to find their path forward with corporate partnership. I’ve met others who have paid for expensive consultants who gave them fancy solutions that weren’t the right fit for their specific organization. 

I’ve heard so many fundraisers share the overwhelming feeling of having so many ideas, options and well meaning pieces of advice in front of them, and still not a clear path forward. 

I was solving all of these problems with ease in our one on one consulting and I wanted to share our solution with more charities. I wanted to meet the needs of more corporate fundraisers. 

So I started building a course that would help all of you raise more money from companies. And as I was doing that, I met Mallory Erickson and was introduced to the Power Partner FormulaTM

Mallory’s program was seeing an average of 25% more donations added to her clients revenue than they thought possible. And the program was also focused on doing it with ease.

I recognized that there was valuable content in the Power Partner FormulaTM that I wanted to share. And that there were additional tools and strategies that my corporate fundraising clients had leveraged with success that I could provide with personalized support to take you even farther.

That’s why we developed our Power Partnership and decided to join forces….

And I’m so excited to introduce you to

The Corporate Partnership Launchpad

Your strategic corporate partnership program that maximizes aligned corporate partners who are excited to invest in your organization.

At the end of My 8-week program you will have:

  • The mindset to move into action with confidence
  • A clear understanding of your corporate partnership offer and its value 
  • Clearly defined opportunities and benefits to offer corporate prospects
  • Compelling and effective messaging
  • A corporate-facing proposal to customize as needed
  • All the corporate fundraising  templates and tools you need to be successful

Here’s what’s included…

The Power Partners Formula Program

The Power Partners formula is a 12 month program that works for all nonprofits of all sizes. It is 4 phases with over 35 videos and corresponding templates that cover all types of partnership fundraising. 

As your corporate partnership guide through this program, we will target the specific videos and templates you need as a corporate fundraiser to close partnerships with companies.

And you will have all the additional videos as a resource for when you need them.  

I’ll help you cut through to just what you need today to enhance your corporate partnership program. 


Phase 0: Mindset and Habits

You’ll dive into the 7 styles of fundraising so you can better understand the different styles and approaches and how to leverage yours for success. This knowledge along with some key mindset hacks will position you for success. 


I’m giving you additional mindset tactics and messaging clarity that will give you an edge specifically when it comes to corporate fundraising combined with small group coaching with me to respond to your specific concerns.

Phase 1: Funder Mapping Framework

There is nothing more important than selecting the “right” partners. By implementing Power Partner FormulaTM Funder and Asset  Mapping Frameworks you will have a foolproof method to make this the case. By understanding your organization’s assets and how they align with funder needs you will be in a powerful position to reach out knowing that you have value to offer. You will maximize your time and efforts and have prospective funders lined up with the perfect funding opportunity.


In our live sessions, I will review your funder alignment and your asset selection to make sure you are on the right track from the start. My signature corporate partnership framework will help you organize your assets and benefits and help you value your partnership offer so you never go into a conversation without a plan for success.

Phase 2: Effective Engagement Roadmap

You’ll go beyond the typical “know, like and trust” approach to finding a true win-win approach that lead to partnership.  You will understand how to find the right contacts and the right companies and how to engage them successfully so you can build aligned corporate partnerships. 


You will also get my super successful customizable proposal deck outline to support your outreach. This tool helps you think through your key messaging and make in powerful so you feel so much confidence as you prepare to reach out.

Phase 3 - Simple Yes System

Gain the skills to take the work you’ve done mapping your funder asset framework and your road map to actual conversations with your prospective corporate partners. You will know how to combine the right person and the right ask at the right time to ensure consistent fundraising success. 


My tried and true approach to learning what you need to know about your prospects to identify all of these “right” components and ensure your outreach gets a positive response every time. 

With me as your guide for this journey, you’ll also get…

Heather’s Bonuses

  • MOST IMPORTANT: weekly 1 hour group coaching sessions to answer your questions and ensure success – with a maximum 6 people in this beta round this is as close to 1×1 working with me as you can get for under five figures!
  • Strategy to use social media to connect with, and strengthen your corporate partnerships.
  • Canadian based corporate partner guidelines and gift acceptance policy.
  • BONUS: a professionally reviewed pitch deck or proposal (must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the program) – This alone is worth over $500, and it is included with this beta round! 

“Invest in BridgeRaise – they build capacity and expertise in order to grow corporate sponsorship. I am a solopreneur with a big vision non-profit – finances were tight but I knew I needed to get corporate sponsorship in order to grow. They took something so large and overwhelming and made it so easy.”

– Michelle Dittmer, President & Co-Founder, Canadian Gap Year Association

The Corporate Partnership Launchpad

Your strategic corporate partnership program that builds aligned corporate partners who are excited to invest in your organization.

9 weeks in 2023  ( 8 weeks of content and one catch up week)

AS WELL AS 12-months access to Power Partners Formula Course


Weekly 1 hour LIVE Coaching and Q&A sessions with Heather Nelson: Fridays from 12-1 EST to ensure you not only have the information you need to build your corporate partnerships, but the support to do it with confidence. 

Recordings will be provided.

14 pre-recorded webinar lessons (most under 5 minutes!) within Power Partners FormulaTM
delivered over 8 weeks with Heather’s guided approach and small group coaching

Plus all additional tools and videos that are included in the Power Partner FormulaTM for you to dive into when you want to expand beyond corporate partnerships.

Weekly ‘Homework’ assignments

to guide you through the process of building your toolkit, one piece at a time

The templates and tools
required to build a successful corporate fundraising foundation including a proposal script, a lead tracker, and a benefit framework.

A BridgeRaise review of your first proposal when submitted within 30 days of the course completion. This alone is worth $500! 

Following our 9 weeks together you will also have access to 12 months of  Power Partner FormulaTM program and on-going support from Mallory Erickson in a private facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’d like to work with you (BridgeRaise) one-on-one. Do I need this course?

A: Yes! This course is the perfect corporate fundraising foundation whether you plan to work with us on your outreach or do it yourself. It takes you through the same process we engage in one-on-one with our clients for a small fraction (less than 1/10th!) of the investment.

We recommend it even for those who want to work with us because it allows us to maximize your investment by focusing our support on improvement and outreach vs. set-up.

Q: My organization already does some corporate fundraising but there’s room for improvement. Is this course for me?

A: That depends. Are you raising big money through win/win corporate partnerships already? If so you likely don’t need this course.

But if you’ve been cobbling together a strategy, trying things here and there with little to show for it and/or are using a long-form proposal doc in lieu of a pitch deck, YES. This course is perfect for those who are sick of filling out online forms, spinning their wheels and attracting small, piecemeal donations. 

Q: What if I get stuck or need help once I’m in the course?

A: There is lots of help and support built into the course, including Heather’s LIVE small group coaching. Over the 9 weeks, Heather is available live each week to answer questions. Following the first part, Mallory in the Power Partners Formula facebook group is available for an additional 12 months. Still if you really feel this format isn’t working for you and want to invest in our full support to build your foundation, the option does exist to put your course fee towards one-on-one support instead.

Q: Can multiple people from my organization participate?
A: Yes, we welcome more than one participant from your organization – only one registration per organization is required. However you will have to share login into the Power Partner Formula community.
Q: Is there a chance I’ll discover that corporate fundraising doesn’t make sense for my organization?

A: Truthfully yes, although it is rare. The beginning of this course is dedicated to understanding the different types of corporate fundraising and which one(s) make sense for your organization. Occasionally the answer is none – but it is unusual and there is value in knowing this for sure.

This is one of the added benefits of going through Corporate Partnership Launchpad with Power Partners Formula. If corporate focus is not for you, you have the benefit of the full Power Partners Formula and you can return to those resources and continue on with something that is a better match.


Q: How often does the program run?
A: We plan to run this program twice per year – so now’s the time to act if you want to get your program off the ground and producing results this spring – and with this special beta price. However, I promise there will be another opportunity if this timing isn’t for you.
Q: How is the course delivered?
A: The Power Partner Program is delivered via a platform called Kartra.  All the pre-recorded videos and corresponding templates will be provided through this platform. The additional resources that Heather provides will be delivered to you by email and we will run our live coaching sessions in Zoom.  There will be recordings provided through Youtube.
Q: What if I need to get approval from my Board of Directors or my CEO?
A:  No problem! We have created a template to help you to justify getting this program and creating next level corporate partnership results. Send me an email and I will get it to you. [email protected]

Power Partner Formula TM on it’s own is $997 USD ($1250 CDN)

With the Corporate Partnership Launchpad you get

the FULL Power Partner FormulaTM including 1 year of Mallory’s Private Facebook Group Support


8 weeks of small group coaching with Heather Nelson

Additional BridgeRaise templates, and Pitch Deck Review


All for an investment of $1395 CAD + HST – EARLY BIRD $1295 CAD + HST

6 Spots ONLY – claim yours today through the link below or reach out to discuss the opportunity on a consultation call.


“BridgeRaise’s templates are a valuable resource and support for reaching your fundraising goals. They are based on years of collective experience as fundraisers in the field and are helpful and pragmatic and translate well using fundraising language that aligns to donor needs. They allowed me to set tangible and reachable goals for meetings with prospective donors as well as creating a goal oriented agenda for the meeting.”

– Debra, Development Manager

corporate sponsorship

Meet Your Guide

Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE

As a career fundraiser and the founder of BridgeRaise, Heather is exclusively focused on helping charities raise money from companies. With a business degree, over 20 years in corporate fundraising and experience teaching fundraising at Ryerson University, she is here to help you understand corporate fundraising and its potential, determine the right approach for your organization and create a framework for success. 

By leveraging the same process she uses with her one-on-one clients, Heather’s goal is to leave you feeling clear and confident about your corporate fundraising direction and ready to move into action so you can achieve the results your charity deserves.

“BridgeRaise is the partner you want to have at your side if you’re seeking clarity, systems and solutions to scale your nonprofit fund development. Heather is extremely knowledgeable and will steer your team in the right direction!”

– Sarah, Board Director

What would it mean for your organization to attract large corporate donations without:


Wasting time





It’s absolutely possible – and we’re here to help you take the confident action steps built on a solid foundation on a clear path to corporate partnership success! 

BridgeRaise has helped hundreds of charities develop corporate fundraising strategies that have led to large donations and win/win corporate partnerships – and we’d love to do the same for you.

I can’t wait to help you build this corporate partnership program in your organization.

See you on the inside.

Ready to further your mission and increase your impact through corporate fundraising?