What your Board Needs to Know

About Corporate Fundraising 


ONLINE Workshop, E-Book & Practical guide for covid-19 response

 Are you struggling to get the corporate funding your nonprofit deserves?

Are you just not raising enough money from companies, and you want to know why not?

Do you see other charities getting sponsorships and you want your nonprofit to get some of that action? 

Are you asking yourself if Corporate Fundraising makes sense for you, at all?

You need these answers and that is why I created this workshop, e-book & guide.


In this workshop you will learn what you need to know so your nonprofit can take action and raise more money from companies.


Access the workshop right now and grab your copy of the Corporate Fundraising for Boards e-Book – this is your first step in accessing more revenue for your nonprofit from companies.


“Your presentation about corporate philanthropy was insightful and timely. At times development professionals think securing major gifts from ‘the big corporate company’ can be daunting. You made us realize that our goals are achievable with the right approach and plan in place.”

Jerry Lawlor

CFRE President, Waterloo Wellington Fundraising Executives


Corporate giving is a key part of a robust strategy to raise money for your nonprofit. To be an effective Board, YOU NEED to know if Corporate Fundraising is for your nonprofit, and what your role is in accessing it.

When you enrol you will receive access to a 90-minute Workshop, Corporate Fundraising for Boards e-Book, AND your Practical Guide for COVID-19 Response, so your Board can:

  • ASSESS if Corporate Fundraising makes sense for your nonprofit so that  you can focus on the most important actions and see that much needed revenue.
  • Learn what APPROACHES there are and which one fits your nonprofit so that you can leverage relationships strategically and with an achievable goal in mind. 
  • Determine if your nonprofit has the BASICS required for SUCCESS so that you are ready to be a great partner when a company says yes.


  • Through this on-demand, online 90-minute workshop, I will answer your most critical questions about a Board’s role in raising money from companies. 
  • You will get a clear understanding of what it takes to raise more money from companies.
  • This key information will position you to make strategic decisions about your role, the focus of a successful Corporate Fundraising staff team, and the next steps you can take right now.
  • I will give you an opportunity to ask me questions directly, to ensure you have the tools you need to move forward right now.

    You will also receive: Corporate Fundraising for Boards e-Book that includes:

    – The different types of Corporate Fundraising, what you need to do them successfully

    – Assessment tool to determine if Corporate Fundraising is for your organization 

    – Board Roles and Responsibilities with a plan for action

    – Checklist to determine if you are ready for Corporate Fundraising

    Special Bonus:

    – Practical Guide for COVID-19 Response

    Register and get immediate access to your PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR Covid-19 RESPONSE. 

    You might be asking yourself…why now? Aren’t companies in a recession?

    The answer is, while there are some companies that are struggling, there are others that are stepping up. 

    There are many companies whose work flow is disrupted and this is leading to them being MORE AVAILABLE than ever for conversations with nonprofits.

    That means, it’s the perfect time to reach out with relevant opportunities! 

    Now you are thinking, my nonprofit has NO RELEVANT OPPORTUNITIES. 

    To that I say, no problem. 

    Let’s figure out what your strategy is for when things re-open, and use this time to establish connections, build materials so when the time is right your team is READY!!

    Now is the time. With so much changing, it is the perfect time to ASSESS, ADJUST and TAKE ACTION! 

    This workshop will provide you with everything you need to make that happen. And if you still have questions after you’ve watched the webinar. I’m HERE!

    “Heather has incredible insight into the corporate sponsorship space.  She helped our Board shape our strategy and develop a realistic view on the level of commitment and resources necessary to build a successful corporate sponsorship program. She also helped us set timelines and financial targets to avoid the pitfalls of either under- or over-budgeting for corporate support.”

    Michelle Dodokin

    Board Director

    “Collaborating with Heather and BridgeRaise was a true benefit in helping a client’s board of directors redirect and refocus their corporate fundraising program. Heather took the time to educate herself on the Board’s background and their interest in corporate fundraising, presented suggestions for moving forward which were backed by facts, examples, and case studies, and made sure to listen and respond to the Board’s questions and concerns. Not only did the Board walk a way with a better understanding of corporate giving and a new direction for a plan forward, but I too learned more about corporate giving and the power of collaboration.”

    Lacey Kempinski

    Fundraising Specialist and Owner, Balanced Good

    “Heather’s workshop on some of the key fundamentals of corporate fundraising for the non-profit sector was extremely helpful and informative. In this current climate of tighter funds and more need, it is imperative to ensure you are focused as a fundraiser and maximizing your time through the most beneficial practises. Heather’s expertise and approach has opened up new streams and ideas for our group to move forward with.”

    Tom Flood

    Community Relations Manager, Food4Kids Ontario


    Knowing the keys to success with Corporate Fundraising, and having your whole Board on the same page when critical decisions need to be made, will save your Board significant time and make your decisions powerful and efficient.


    On-demand access to this workshop, e-book and COVID-19 Response Guide is just



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    I’m Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE, and my focus is exclusively helping charities raise money from companies. With my business degree, over 15 years of Corporate Fundraising experience and having taught fundraising at Ryerson University, I can help your board learn the best practices in Corporate Fundraising and assess if it is right for your organization. I can help you maximize your time and get focused on what works. With my experience, you can move forward with Corporate Fundraising at your organization with the knowledge that you are doing what will get the results your charity deserves.