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 Whether your organization is new to corporate fundraising and you are looking to build from the ground up, or you want to have a best-in-class program, you can count on us to provide the tools and support you need to raise more money from companies.

Here’s how


Establish where you are and where to go next

Corporate fundraising

We will assess where you are at and make recommendations on what you need to maximize opportunities that suit your charity’s goals.  We will make sure you are prepared to reach out to aligned businesses to generate revenue.

Why you’ll love this stage:

We will work to understand your amazing organization, taking time to explore your current approach to corporate fundraising. From the very start of our time together, you will know we are in your corner looking for tangible ways to move your charity closer to its corporate fundraising goals. We’ll set a solid foundation for your corporate fundraising, and work with you to expand it as your support grows.

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Actionable and achievable growth

We will support growing your revenue by expanding your current relationships and securing new ones.  Ensuring that you are in consistent content with your prospects is a core strategy we will help you with. We can build your prospect pipeline and qualify your prospects with a strategic business-centred approach. We will find the hook to begin relationships with companies so that you can build lasting partnerships.  

Why you’ll love this stage:

This is where new opportunities are revealed – with your current donors and new ones.  Bringing extensive experience in prospect pipeline development to the table, we’ll introduced fresh ideas for working with companies that support you. We will identify new companies that align with your plans for growth.  Most importantly, we’ll work with you so you can do it too!


Taking action for success

Corporate fundraising

The end goal is raising more money from corporations and we are focused on making sure the rubber hits the road once your planning is done and prospects are identified.  Through a range of coaching and implementation support options, we will make sure your corporate relationships are strong and sticky.

Why you’ll love this stage:

There are bumps in the road to corporate funding success, and we know how to make sure that these things don’t put you off course. We can help draft materials, write reports and come up with creative ways to keep you making the right asks and responding to your opportunities effectively. Together we will figure out what is needed to make corporate fundraising happen consistently, and have fun doing it!

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“BridgeRaise has been a fantastic partner. Heather took the time to understand our needs, and helped us bring rigour, focus and best practices to our corporate fundraising activities.  For a small shop like ours, having access to her expertise and experience has allowed us to quickly make huge leaps forward.”

Melissa Cameron, CFRE

Acclaim Health, Oakville

“Heather Nelson brings a wealth of experience in corporate sponsorships to her not-for-profit practice. She provided us with an in-depth analysis of our organization’s approach to sponsorships as well as practical steps for positioning our program for success. Heather’s assessment has helped us to identify and focus on the critical areas for growth in our event and partnership fundraising.”
Anne Marie Peirce, CFRE

President & CEO, The Community Foundation of Mississauga

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