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3 Keys to Raising More Money for your Charity

Is it time to raise more money for your charity or non-profit through corporate fundraising? If yes, then I have three key tips that are going to help you raise more money this year. I'm Heather Nelson. I'm a Corporate Fundraising Specialist and I help charities and...

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Does Making Myself a Pretzel Help?

Does Making Myself a Pretzel Help?

Lessons from my JOURNEY with Yoga. Do you know want to know what’s getting me through this? Yes, this moment of missing my friends, and dining out, and even my podcast listening commutes? Yoga! Or at least my version of yoga which can be just doing Shavasana (lying on...

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Giving to Women … A Holiday Story

Giving to Women … A Holiday Story

Once upon a time, there was a business owner and philanthropist named Heather. Her business, BridgeRaise, supported charities of different sizes to raise money from companies so they could make a difference in the world. These charities help provide food to vulnerable...

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