Corporate Partnership Growth

Your strategic partner in raising more money from companies

You describe your corporate partnership challenge. We provide expert advice, a sounding board for your thinking, a customized plan and much needed support so you  can reach your revenue target.

Your Corporate Fundraising Challenge

Corporate Partnerships are entrusted to you and the financial target is significant.  Unfortunately right now, you’re not sure how you are going to get there.

    You’re not sure how to identify and describe the benefits you offer companies in a way that will resonate with corporate partners.

    Your prospect pipeline is too short and too stagnant.

    You can do it, but you never have the time.

    There is so much going on in corporate sponsorship, you have no idea how to keep up with all of it.


Stale Prospect Pipeline to 3-year National Partner

A growing program with students needed a national partner, but when our client looked at the companies they had on their prospect pipeline, they were stale, mis-aligned, and saturated.

Enter BridgeRaise: We built a list of aligned prospects, a strategy to warm them up, and the emails and scripts to move from warm up to negotiation. 

In less than 6 months, our client secured a 6 figure, 3 year lead national partner. WOOT!

Let BridgeRaise be Your Solution

BridgeRaise is the trusted partner you need to raise more money from companies.

We will start by assessing your situation and listening to your perspective on the problem. With your nonprofit’s strengths in mind, we will propose strategic recommendations and a plan to execute it. 

We can then leave the plan to your team or support you by building your tools and proposal and implementing the key steps to success.

BridgeRaise is your extra capacity, with the experience to make sure you are meeting the expectations of your potential corporate partners.

You will reach your targets and new levels of corporate support. Together, we can achieve exceptional corporate partnerships.  

Biggest Corporate Sponsorship Ever Closed.

Alex had a corporate prospect when we joined her organization to coach her, as well as the Executive Director and Board Director. We helped build the strategy, messaging and proposal so they felt confident that what they were proposing fit for both their organization and their corporate sponsors. We kept the team focused on the repeated follow up until they closed over $100K in support from a local company.

Alex: “This was our largest corporate gift to date and has created a wonderful partnership with local business that aligns with our cause. What I love about Heather is that she is honest and direct while always making you feel like she is in your corner!”

BridgeRaise’s focus areas include:

  • Developing strategies and briefings to expand your prospect pipeline and add aligned companies to your community
  • Building benefit frameworks that meet company expectations and leverage your nonprofit’s strengths 
  • Creating corporate sponsorship proposals that clarify messaging and fit your organization’s values
  • Employee engagement strategies, social media for corporate partnership, and connecting strategies for your prospects.

Working with BridgeRaise will lead to you reaching your corporate partnership targets with a new level of ease and success.

How exactly does working with BridgeRaise work?

We will start with a free, no-commitment exploratory call, after which we will create a  customized proposal for your specific organization and your challenges.

Leveraging our deep knowledge of best practice and corporate sponsor expectations combined with your knowledge of your organization, we will provide deliverables ranging from strategic plans and pitch decks to prospect briefings and strategic assessments.

We will make sure that implementation is smooth and successful, by providing a work plan accompanied by a series of strategic 1×1 virtual coaching sessions, accountability emails, and material review. 

If needed we can also provide personalized training sessions for your Board of Directors and staff teams.

If your goal is more corporate partnership revenue, BridgeRaise will guide you towards having the tools you need, a strategy that works and massive amounts of corporate fundraising mojo to go with it. 

You will no longer be missing the targets you have set because of insufficient time and a lack of an expert sounding board.  You will be reaching out, connecting, and offering up opportunities to corporate partners that are the perfect fit for your organization! 

Building Great Corporate Relationships.

Heather’s savvy and focus has been integral to keeping our team on-track to building great relationships with partners. Implementing innovative (and simple!) strategies has made a big difference. 

For example, we enriched a relationship by inviting a partner to collaborate on identifying ways to increase program survey responses and have opened doorways to at least one major prospect on Twitter (yes, TWITTER!). 

Heather’s guidance is getting us closer to our corporate fundraising goals while building our team’s expertise significantly.

Erin Schacter, National Director of Development,  The Learning Partnership

Are you ready to fill your prospect pipeline with aligned corporate prospects?

Your Investment

Each client relationship with BridgeRaise is unique, however, our 1×1 work starts at $20,000 and up depending on your priorities and timeline. 

About BridgeRaise

Under the leadership of Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE, we provide non-profits with the strategy, support, training and tools they need to start, improve upon or expand their corporate fundraising programs.  

We’ve helped charities of all types and sizes raise (lots of!) money through win-win corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Focusing exclusively on corporate fundraising allows us to keep up on the best practices in this sector specifically, and share this expertise with you.

Do you need strategic expertise to support you in achieving your goals? Do you want warm prospects all around you so you can raise more money for your charity?