Ignite Your Corporate Partnerships

A 5-day challenge to Jump-Start the Corporate Partnerships of your dreams.

February 12-16, 2024


Our Challenge is now closed. Heather does share similar content weekly with her community. Join us. 


Are you feeling like your corporate fundraising program is stalled?


Do you need a new idea or a quick jolt of energy to get your corporate partnerships freshened up for 2024?


Do you have all the ideas, and just need someone to give you a bit of focus with your corporate partnerships?

If this is you then this 5-day challenge will give you new ways to build your network and your visibility in order to Jump-Start the Corporate Partnerships of your dreams.

BridgeRaise’s 5-Day Challenge to Jump-Start your Corporate Partnership Program

corporate partnership challenge


Each day of the challenge an email will be delivered to your in-box that includes a short video to watch and activities to work through on an approach that can easily be implemented.

Beyond the activities, we will also connect personally. I am offering personalized Q&A’s throughout the week. You send the Q’s and I send the A’s back within 24 hours.

And as a gift to you for completing the 5 day challenge, I am going to give you access to How to Leverage Social Media for Successful Corporate Partnerships Masterclass that I only share with my clients.

We have carefully curated 5-Days of Action Items that are quick, effective and will launch you into corporate partnerships with your best foot forward in 2024.

You will come away with:

✓  a clear picture of your focus with corporate partnerships

✓  my secrets to using LinkedIn as the untapped gem it is

the steps you can implement today to start using your website to make your current corporate partners look good

Join us to get some new ideas, have direct access to Heather for your key questions, and to make tangible progress towards a successful year of corporate partnership growth.

I always feel more energized and focused around corporate fundraising after we speak. I always have a few more helpful kernels to move forward with.

- Lindsay, Executive Director

Almost immediately after working with Heather, I began to book more calls, something we really struggled to do in the past AND I have the proper tools to confidently present our ideas in a meaningful way. 

- Sarah, Fundraising Consultant

You MIGHT NEED this challenge IF?


You are starting your year off and need a little extra support to get going.


You’ve heard that LinkedIn is a key tool for corporate fundraising but you don’t know how to use it!


You have big goals for the year, and getting going will ensure that you reach them.


You need a new idea to get into the corporate fundraising flow!


You need all of this without adding a huge amount of time to your calendar


If this is YOU, join me!

You will make progress towards more corporate partnership wins!

I attended a free webinar put on by Heather and learned excellent information on corporate sponsorships. Will definitely reach out when I’m ready!

Melissa, Nonprofit founder

I really enjoyed your education session. I have a few ideas already and feel reinvigorated with corporate sponsorships  – rather than trying to hide from the work. 

- Gillian, Director of Development

About BrideRaise

Under the leadership of Heather Nelson, we provide non-profits with the strategy, support, training and tools they need to start, improve upon or expand their corporate fundraising programs.  

We’ve helped charities of all types and sizes raise (lots of!) money through win-win corporate partnerships – and are focused on helping you do just that, so that you can further your mission and increase your impact.