Prospect and Partnership Strategy & Growth

The behind-the-scenes support you need to have an efficient and successful corporate partnership program.

BridgeRaise is here to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes so that you can reach and maintain new levels of corporate fundraising success with minimal stress, zero wasted time and the confidence that comes from having a pro in your back pocket.

Available on a project basis or ongoing/retainer basis, our prospect growth strategy and support includes prospect building, communications development and the support and guidance you need to be successful – customized to suit your needs and achieve your goals.

If your organization has a solid corporate fundraising strategy in place but:

  Is not meeting corporate fundraising targets

  Has a short, stagnant or non-existent prospect pipeline

  Wants to add a new sector to your pipeline

  Needs support identifying the right person and the right hook

Let Us Help You Grow And Nurture Your Pipeline

We begin all new client relationships with a strategic review of your organization’s corporate fundraising goals, challenges and starting point. If you have a solid strategy, framework and pitch deck in place, we can jump right into  prospect and partnership support. (If you don’t, we simply take a step back and work on your foundation first.)

Prospect and Partnership Support is available on a project basis if you have a specific, immediate prospecting need, or an ongoing/retainer basis for organizations that need extra corporate partnership strategy and/or capacity for the longer term.

We can help:

  Articulate the benefits of your offer to companies in a way that will resonate

  Activate your prospect pipeline and troubleshoot stagnancy

  Take you from ‘intentions and plans’ to active outreach and discovery

  Make sure you are one of the charities that consistently gets support


Packages for a sector approach or group of prospect briefings and include:

– Strategic discovery, to understand current priority areas

– A summary list of prospects with priority area, contact information, and key information

– Comprehensive prospect briefings, including corporate opportunity alignment and action steps

– Two follow-up calls for execution accountability

(Both Project based and retainer agreements are available and are customized based on the client’s needs.)

BridgeRaise Case Study

A growing student-focused program needed a national partner – but was striking out left and right thanks to a prospect pipeline that was stale, misaligned and saturated.

BridgeRaise came in, built a list of aligned prospects, a strategy to warm them up and the tools and guidance needed to get from warm-up to negotiation. With our support, our client was able to secure a six-figure, three-year lead national partner in less than six months!

What is a BridgeRaise Prospect Briefing?


Our comprehensive prospect briefings include everything you need to turn a prospect into a partner including key details, priority giving areas, corporate giving history and intel, social ‘hooks’, and what we think makes them a perfect fit for you.

Each one is unique and developed with your goals in mind (in other words, the opposite or canned or generic). This is not something done by a database, or someone new to prospecting.

It’s a key piece of intelligence that will (dramatically) increase your chances of landing a meeting and, ultimately, corporate fundraising success.

These valuable briefings come with follow-up support/accountability calls to maximize your chances of success even further.

About BridgeRaise

The trusted partner you need to raise more money from companies.

Under the leadership of Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE, we provide non-profits with the strategy, support, training and tools they need to start, improve upon or expand their corporate fundraising programs.  

We’ve helped charities of all types and sizes raise (lots of!) money through win-win corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Focusing exclusively on corporate fundraising allows us to keep up on the best practices in this sector specifically, and share this expertise with you.