Corporate Partner prospect growth 

Your strategic partner in raising more money from companies

We develop corporate prospect briefings and strategies that focus on values and business alignment. We identify creative ways to keep your pipeline moving. Whether it’s about the accounts, you haven’t quite got to yet, or partnerships that you haven’t even thought about, we can help you focus on your highest value prospects or those that are time sensitive.

Have a large target number and a list but no clear plan?

Has your team been entrusted with Corporate Partnerships?

You know what you’re doing better than the back of your hand, of course! 

But the financial target is significant.  

And the path to the target is unclear. 

Of course you’ll get there. What if you could have support from people who do this every day to help you put together the research, and the hook for the key accounts in the market with the budgets to support not for profits like yours? 

We bring the know-how, the strategies, and the rigour of research; you focus on your highest value: building the relationship, sharing your impact, and growing your partnership base.

If you know that you want one of the big 5 banks to partner with your cause for example (doesn’t everybody?) you need to be armed with briefings that give you the exact lay of the land, and the messages and moves management to engage them.

We can help

Articulate the benefits you offer companies in a way that will resonate with corporate prospects because we deeply know the corporate partnership industry

Activate your prospect pipeline and help you troubleshoot any stagnancy by bringing niche focus and messaging to key accounts identified to fund $50,000+

Take you from ‘intentions and plans’ to ‘active outreach and discovery with key corporate prospects’

Make sure you are one of the charities that always gets the support. 

What is a BridgeRaise Prospect Briefing ?

At its root, it’s the document that contains categorized and filtered information on what is important to key accounts looking to deploy their non-profit funding.

This is not your canned, typical out of a database briefing. 

It’s a key piece of intelligence that helps fundraisers get super focussed when determining whether or not a specific corporate prospect is a good fit. 

It’s a document that provides the best contacts, most recent corporate partnership intel, and the alignment you need for a winning outreach and meeting.

Can you use support creating a prospect briefing document?

Here’s a story!

The plot begins with a stale Prospect Pipeline.
Spoiler alert: It ends with becoming a 3-year National Partner with a key account.

A growing program with students needed a national partner, but when our client looked at the companies they had on their prospect pipeline, they were stale, mis-aligned, and saturated.

Enter BridgeRaise: We built a list of aligned prospects, a strategy to warm them up, and the emails and scripts to move from warm up to negotiation. 

In less than 6 months, our client secured a 6 figure, 3-year lead national partner. 


Let BridgeRaise be Your Solution.
If you choose to work with us, you will reach your targets and new levels of corporate support.

Your investment levels for prospect briefing bundles

About BridgeRaise

Under the leadership of Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE, we provide non-profits with the strategy, support, training and tools they need to start, improve upon or expand their corporate fundraising programs.  

We’ve helped charities of all types and sizes raise (lots of!) money through win-win corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Focusing exclusively on corporate fundraising allows us to keep up on the best practices in this sector specifically, and share this expertise with you.

Do you need strategic expertise to support you in achieving your goals? Do you want warm prospects all around you so you can raise more money for your charity?