Six-Month Springboard

The strategy and support you need to get your corporate partnership efforts off the ground, up to speed and producing results for your organization

Whether your organization is looking to harness the power of corporate fundraising for the first time or build upon some initial success, we will leverage what you’ve got and fill in the blanks.

The result? A strong and strategic corporate fundraising program that will have your organization raising (big) money from companies in no time.

In addition to building the systems, messaging and materials you need to achieve values-aligned partnerships, we will guide and support your initial pipeline-building and outreach efforts.

Very importantly, we will also build your internal corporate fundraising skills and confidence as we go.

If your organization has internal fundraising capacity and wants to harness the power of corporate fundraising but:

  • Doesn’t have a solid strategy and/or the right messaging and materials in place
  • Lacks clarity regarding which organizations to approach or how to do it
  • Struggles to find time for outreach and follow-up
  • Doesn’t have time for wasted effort or a ton of trial-and-error 

we will meet you where you are and provide the strategy, foundational elements, guidance and support you need to become a confident, consistent and successful corporate fundraiser.

Let Us Help You Bring Your Corporate Fundraising Vision to Life

We begin all new client relationships with a strategic review of your organization’s corporate fundraising goals, starting point materials and corporate fundraising efforts to date. From there, we will:

  • Create a customized plan to achieve your objectives
  • Build your materials and benefit framework
  • Guide and support you as you begin to implement your prospect pipeline

This is a six-month program (with the option to renew) that includes:

  • Customized recommendations and strategic approach
  • Benefit and messaging ideation
  • Benefit Framework and Pitch Deck development support
  • Templates and tools you can use again and again
  • Prospect research briefing for identified companies
  • Outreach strategy and support
  • A social media masterclass for you and your team to leverage social media for your success
  • 2 coaching calls per month with your corporate fundraising lead


$22,500 and up for 6 months of support, strategy, and must have building blocks!

(with the option to pay in installments)

Through the Six-Month Springboard, you will:

  • Gain the skills, systems, messaging and materials you need to be a successful corporate fundraiser
  • Become crystal clear on which values-aligned corporate partnerships make sense for your organization
  • Know how to articulate the benefits of your offer to companies in a way that will resonate (and have templates to help you do it)
  • Have an expert to guide and support you as you activate your prospect pipeline and troubleshoot stagnancy
  • Go from ‘intentions and plans’ to active outreach and discussion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have had some success with corporate fundraising. Is this package a fit for us or just for total beginners?

A: This package is for organizations that are relatively new to corporate fundraising and those who want to coordinate their efforts and/or build upon some initial success. Either way, we will meet you where you are and leverage your expertise to create a plan that maximizes our time together – and your results.

Q: We don’t have in-house corporate fundraising capabilities – can this program work for us?

A: The (perhaps inconvenient) truth is that, to be a successful corporate fundraising organization for the long-term, you must have internal resources dedicated to the task. However, it doesn’t have to be a full-time person; we have had great success leveraging a consistent few hours per week from a dedicated team member.

Through this program, we provide the strategy, support, guidance and behind-the-scenes heavy lifting you need to be successful while building your internal point person’s skills and confidence as we go.

Q: Is there a certain number of hours of support per month?

A: Though you will receive support each month, actual time spent will vary depending on the stage you are in. We will determine what makes the most sense for you based on your goals and preferences.

Q: This sounds like the perfect solution for our organization but we just don’t have the budget right now. What are my options?

A: We do offer a handful of free and low-cost resources and trainings, which you can browse here. In addition, we occasionally offer this package at a reduced rate for organizations that meet our criteria but are not in a position to pay the full fee.  We also find that clients can often find support through grants for this sort of work. If you would like to discuss this option, please feel free to reach out.


Q: Can we leverage materials we have already created or will you start from scratch?

A: Our goal is not to scrap all the hard work you’ve already put into corporate fundraising; wherever possible we will work with, and build upon, the work that’s already been done.


Q: How does it work if we want to continue past the initial six months?

A: Whereas the first six months are all about getting you set up and started, the second six months is all about expanding and building upon your success. Continuing is optional, but a great way to keep the momentum going. We will discuss renewal options with you well in advance of the end of our first six months together so you have ample time to consider it.

About BridgeRaise

The trusted partner you need to raise more money from companies.

Under the leadership of Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE, we provide non-profits with the strategy, support, training and tools they need to start, improve upon or expand their corporate fundraising programs.  

We’ve helped charities of all types and sizes raise (lots of!) money through win-win corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Focusing exclusively on corporate fundraising allows us to keep up on the best practices in this sector specifically, and share this expertise with you.