Strategy Development

Your secret weapon for next-level corporate fundraising success

If your organization is ready to take corporate fundraising to the next level and raise big (or even bigger) money from companies, we can help. If, on the other hand, you have a program in place that isn’t meeting targets and/or has a short or stagnant pipeline, we can help there too.

What would it mean to your organization to have:

A strong, strategic and sustainable pipeline

Purpose-aligned, multi-year partnerships

A clear path to meeting ambitious growth targets

It’s possible – and we’re here to help you achieve it.

The First – and Most Important – Step Towards Corporate Fundraising Success

We begin all new client relationships with a strategic review of your organization’s corporate fundraising goals, challenges and starting point. Unless you already have a solid strategy, deck and corporate partnership framework in place (in which case we would skip to implementation strategy and support) our first order of business is strategy development.

This process takes between 2 and 4 months and follows the following process:

Step 1

Strategic audit of your corporate fundraising through analysis of five key areas and analysis of relevant sectoral and best practices for consideration


Step 2

Presentation of Strategy Recommendations for discussion and refinement


Step 3

Corporate pitch deck, Partnership benefits and framework review and recommendations. Action Plan for Path Forward

At the end of this process, you will have a comprehensive strategy and framework for achieving multi-year sustainable corporate partnerships and:

  • Understand the corporate fundraising gaps and opportunities for your organization
  • Know what approach to value-aligned partnerships make sense for your organization
  • Be clear about how to achieve your corporate fundraising goal
  • Have tools and structure you need to ensure all team members are aligned a growing sustainable partnerships
  • BridgeRaise in your back pocket for additional, ongoing or future support


Each client relationship with BridgeRaise is unique, however, getting started with strategic 1×1 work begins at $18,000 and goes up from there depending on priorities, inclusions, circumstances and timeline. 

BridgeRaise Case Study/Testimonial

“BridgeRaise were more than our consultants; they were an extension of our team.

They co-designed strategies that align with our organization’s vision and corporate sponsorship trends and armed us with a comprehensive toolkit of templates, relationship-development strategies and processes – all while building our team’s internal confidence and capacity. 

Thanks to BridgeRaise we:

  • Almost tripled our corporate fundraising revenue from ~$500K in 2019 to $1.3M in 2022
  • Converted previous ‘no’s into big ‘yes’s; including a $5K sponsorship decline into a three-year, $300K partnership
  • Exponentially grew several partnerships – fast

BridgeRaise saw the problems differently than we could from the eye of the storm. They helped identify where to keep pushing and where to let go, how to turn problems into opportunities and designed creative, effective solutions to build fruitful, mutually-beneficial, and scalable corporate partnerships. 

Thanks to Bridgeraise, our corporate partnerships are thriving.”

Here For You, Every Step of the Way


Strategy is the first of many steps in an ongoing journey towards corporate fundraising success. We are here to provide the additional/ongoing support you need to be successful in the form of:

  • Script and design of your proposal deck 
  • Tactical plans to warm up and expand your prospect pipeline
  • Prospect briefings and outreach support
  • Corporate partnership team training

Through extra capacity and expert know-how, we can support all aspects of corporate fundraising to ensure you meet your targets with ease and success.

About BridgeRaise

The trusted partner you need to raise more money from companies.

Under the leadership of Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE, we provide non-profits with the strategy, support, training and tools they need to start, improve upon or expand their corporate fundraising programs.  

We’ve helped charities of all types and sizes raise (lots of!) money through win-win corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Focusing exclusively on corporate fundraising allows us to keep up on the best practices in this sector specifically, and share this expertise with you.