the most important emails and fundraising templates that I’ve used with countless charities and companies to raise more money for causes 

Save yourself time, and never stare at a blank page again! 

  Here’s What You Get:

  • Getting Started Checklist & Work Plan so you know where to start to build from the ground up. Including special tips for non-profits.
  • Corporate Policy Template so you can plug in your details and be ready to go!
  • Prospect List Building Tools and a Prospect Briefing Template that will shift your perspective on how to research. A HUGE time-saver!
  • My MOST Successful Email Templates to introduce, connect, and follow up.
  • Proposal and Fulfillment Report Outline that gets read! Stop wasting your time sending things that people don’t look at.
  • A total of 15 different templates and editable files and 12 email swipes, so you can build from what’s works.

Bridgeraise’s email templates helped me respond more quickly because I’m not starting from a blank page.  I was able to adapt the language to fit and align to my organization’s mission, vision and campaign goals and take actions to kick-start my outreach in a shorter amount of time.

- D. Thompson, Fundraising Professional

BridgeRaise’s Prospect Briefing template has helped me categorize and filter what was important for us as fundraisers to focus on when determining whether not a specific corporate prospect was a good fit.  Additionally, the template helped me to rethink how I did my research on corporate prospects from a marketing and branding view point.

Jennifer Sheppard

Development Coordinator, Royal Botanical Gardens


I’m Heather Nelson, MBA, CFRE, and my focus is exclusively helping charities raise money from companies. With my business degree, over 15 years of corporate fundraising experience and having taught fundraising at Ryerson University, I can help you learn and apply best practices in corporate fundraising. I can help you maximize your time and get focused on what works. With my experience, you can move forward with corporate fundraising at your organization with the knowledge that you are doing what will get the results your charity deserves.

Note: Prices includes HST (71900 3089 RT0001)