You’ve got the vision, goals and plan

I’ve got the experience and expertise to help you reach the next level of corporate fundraising success.

Coaching = a corporate fundraising strategic partner in your back pocket.

But not just any strategic partner – our president and lead consultant, Heather Nelson has been working with charities, volunteers and donors for more than 20 years, with a focus on building relationships and ensuring mutual value. After building the corporate partner program at Food Banks Canada – from scratch into a $7M program – Heather launched BridgeRaise, through which she has helped  over 100 charities and non-profits establish and expand their corporate partner and sponsorship programs.

Heather understands how to build best-in-class corporate fundraising strategies and establish, nurture, and leverage sustainable win-win partnerships.

Limited Spots.
Limitless Potential.

We offer a small handful of coaching spots as a way to provide established fundraisers with the highest level of strategic corporate fundraising support. It is a four-month commitment that includes:

  • 90-minute kick-off call with Heather
  • Seven bi-weekly 60-minute coaching calls with Heather
  • Full access to our library of templates and tools
  • Email copy and proposal review
  • An expert to bounce ideas off and strategize with
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Real-time communication and collaboration

Collaborating directly with Heather in this way offers a unique opportunity to get strategic and intentional about corporate fundraising, and can be a powerful catalyst for clarity, confidence, and next-level success.

“My colleague and I both had an “ah ha” moment when working with Heather. We now feel much more confident and skilled to tweak our approach and re-work our materials for maximum impact.”

– Kim, Fundraising Director, A Canadian University


$5850 + HST

(Payment Plan Available)

Sure, you could do it on your own…

but you don’t have to.

The BridgeRaise Difference

Coaching is designed for experienced fundraisers who (quite frankly) are smart and skilled enough to do it on their own – but understand the value of an external perspective with:

1. Unparalleled expertise

2. Broad sight lines in this specific area

3. In-depth knowledge of trends, best practices and what companies are looking for.

If you…

Are an established and experienced fundraising professional seeking targeted and strategic support to:

  • Reach a specific corporate fundraising goal or target
  • Address a problem or weak link in your program, or
  • Break through a plateau

…Coaching might be just the ticket. If, however, you are a start-up, need significant guidance, or don’t have a solid strategy or supporting materials, it is not the answer.*

*We can still help if you’re in that boat! Our Six-Month Springboard provides the foundational strategy and support you need to get your corporate partnership efforts off the ground, up to speed and producing results for your organization. You can read more about it here.

From Our Clients

Before working with Heather, I was completely overwhelmed and unsure whether what we were focused on was reasonable. Heather helped me focus and fine-tune a clear, compelling strategy and approach that has helped us launch into a new level of fundraising.

Josie Fung

Executive Director, I-Think

Heather is  an extremely knowledgeable expert in Corporate Sponsorship; she has seen and done it all. She worked with me to establish a solid game plan that      led to great partnership wins. On top of everything, she was incredibly supportive every step of the way.

Natalie Hope

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnership, Hot Docs

The coaching we received from Heather was a wonderful investment. We were at an inflection point in our sponsorship program. Heather provided meaningful insight on what we were doing; however, the greatest benefit was having the opportunity to just talk, ask questions and dig into her feedback.


Fundraising Director, A Canadian University

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are new to corporate fundraising. Is Coaching a good way to get help with our strategy and/or assets?

A: Coaching is not the right solution for new corporate fundraisers or those who are in the early stages of the journey. It is for experienced and successful corporate fundraisers looking for ‘last mile’ strategic support.

But don’t worry – we can still help! Our Six-Month Springboard provides foundational strategy and support for those looking to harness the power of corporate fundraising for the first time or build upon some initial success. You can learn more about it here.

Q: Can coaching be longer (or shorter) than four months?

A: The option to recommit for an additional four-month period does exist. However, most coaching clients get what they need out of their first four months. A shorter commitment is not offered at this time because we have found this timeline to be optimal for clients at this stage. 

Q: Can I start right away?

A: We have limited coaching slots available at any given time. If you are a good candidate for the program, we will communicate timing options as part of the consultation process. Should a spot not be available immediately, you will be offered the next opening.

Q: We don’t have an internal resource dedicated to corporate fundraising. Can you fill this gap?

A:  Not through coaching – but we may be able to support you through another one of our offerings. Please book a consultation if you would like to discuss this option further.

Q: Will I always work with Heather?

A: Yes! This is a unique opportunity to gain specialized support and advice directly from our president and lead consultant. Having said that, if there is some specific administrative support we need, she has a team on call!

Q: Will Heather tell me what to do?

A: Coaching is all about strategic support, which means that we work to fine-tune and optimize what you have. In order for it to be successful, you will need to bring your challenges and opportunities to the table and have a strategy and assets in place for us to work from. Having said that, if you know Heather she’s not shy about sharing her straight forward thoughts, experience and opinions!

Have additional questions – or want to discuss whether coaching can help you unlock the next level of corporate fundraising success for your organization?