For every nonprofit there is a time when someone says “we need a strategy”. However, often this means different things to different people.

In this session, Veronica LaFemina shared:

☑️ What is a strategy?

☑️ How does developing a strategy support success?

☑️ Why strategy development at the organization, department and team levels is game changing.

We discussed how a departmental strategy supports team members in remaining focus on their corporate objectives. With the constant barrage of new ideas and opportunities, Veronica explains how a short and well thought out strategy can provide guidance around what an organization does and what it puts on hold.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it may feel like it’s the wrong time to add creating a strategy onto your plate. Instead it may be the perfect time as it will support you in keeping true to your organizational objectives.

Make sure to click on the video above to listen to our full discussion.

About Veronica LaFemina:

Veronica LaFemina is Founder and CEO of LaFemina & Co., an advisory firm supporting nonprofits and social impact businesses at the intersection of strategy, culture, communications, and change management. Veronica partners with organizations and their leaders to go beyond what “looks good on paper” to focus on practical approaches that work well in real life. She is a leader, strategist, facilitator, trusted advisor, and certified change management professional with nearly two decades of experience as a senior executive at national U.S. nonprofit organizations and a high-impact consultant. Her work has been featured by Inc. Magazine, the Today Show, NPR, CNN, Capterra, and in news outlets nationwide. Veronica blogs regularly about nonprofit leadership, strategy, and culture at

Connect with Veronica: LinkedIn.

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