It’s not that deep

Are you struggling with making sure your corporate partnership action step is exactly right?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect next step?

I was listening to a podcast that’s very NOT business-y over the holidays, and Kate – one of the co-hosts – said that she was checking in on things by saying “it’s not that deep”.

This hit me in the gut.

What did she mean? It all feels really deep. I want to make sure my corporate fundraising is mistake free!

I’d been spending a good amount of emotional energy carefully assessing my next step. Trying to make sure that the action I am taking is very well thought out. Putting myself in the shoes of lots of other people to see how the move might be perceived from their perspective.

And Kate’s saying maybe I’m overthinking it. 

She expanded by saying that not everything needs careful consideration, extensive thinking and emotional investment.

I took a pause to think about it.

So, first I thought about myself, and no doubt there are places where maybe I could let things ride a little bit more – where the emotional investment I have given it just wasn’t proportional to the activity.

And what about you, my clients and community?

I don’t think I am speaking out of turn to say I may have noted your tendency to overthink, trying to be VERY SURE you’ve got it 100% right.

Where does that leave us?

Well, first, I see you. I appreciate you. I appreciate the love and care you are investing in making sure you’ve got it right.

And I’m forgiving myself for the times I do the same. 

AND I want to propose that this mantra might help keep us both in action.

Consider this:

Your energy is valuable. And this means that you need to invest it wisely. That means that for some things, it is deep, and you do need to give it careful consideration.

And for others: It’s not that deep.

Corporate fundraising is mostly not that deep. In particular when deciding on the very next action.

With many things, you can keep it moving and not worry about being perfect.

So, next time you are spending a lot of emotional energy on deciding on an action, ask yourself if it deserves this level of depth. Maybe, it really just “isn’t that deep.”

And if it is, maybe you need a strategic partner to unravel it with you. An action-taker who will do the work to lay out a strategy that is pretty close to 100%. If that’s what you need, BridgeRaise is here:

You’ve got this!

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