12 Ways to Show Corporate #donorlove

It’s the season of hearts and flowers, and while I hope you’re showing the love to your friends, family, and maybe a cause or 2 that you feel passionate about, let’s mix in some ways to show your corporate donors some love too. 

And like the best expressions of affection, it doesn’t need to be perfect or elaborate, just from the heart!

So here I go, 12 ways you can show those that care about your cause how much you care about them – spreading some #donorlove!

  1. Say thanks with a cute poem on twitter – Roses are Red never gets tired! For sure include a photo or great canva graphic if you can.  
  2. Invite some of your donor’s employees over for a “coffee break” and introduce them to someone your organization serves, or a dynamo from your program team, so they can learn learn a bit more about what
    you do.
  3. And… action!  Send a video of your services in action – a truck making a delivery, caregiver in providing support… and if your donor’s logo is somewhere in the mix (say in front of that great donor wall in your office or old event poster?) even better!
  4. Email them a short impact story about a project or initiative they’ve supported so they can share it with their team.
  5. Say thank you on Facebook – have your ED, office team or folks that benefit from the work you do say (or sing!) a big thank you and post to Facebook 
  6. Are you in the neighborhood? Drop by with some coffee and timbits… or cinnamon hearts!
  7. Invite a corporate partner to an upcoming conference, workshop, lunch that you think they will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a big ticket item, just something that shows you’ve listened to them and know they’d be interested! 
  8. Have a valentine’s day phone-a-thon. Have a bunch of volunteers and staff call around to say “We appreciate you!”… and then be sure to show some #volunteerlove too!
  9. Send along a super speedy slide show of their employees in action if they’ve volunteered in the past few months. 
  10. Does your service help kids?  Have them send a valentine to your donors!
  11. Flowers are romantic but seeds say grow!  Mail a pack of seeds with a note about how much you appreciate their support in helping your organization grow, bloom or flourish.
  12. Send them an Acrostic Poem with their company name… those are the ones where the first letter of each word have meaningful word attached to it! 

Showing corporate #donorlove can be easy and doesn’t need to take much time… especially if you plan for it! Make it personal and fun.  

And while your at it, give yourself a treat (and a personal high-five) for showing #donorlove.  Because spreading good vibes, especially on a day when people might be looking for it, is pretty awesome. Which means you are too!  

“Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.” – Gertrude Stein.

So, this Valentine’s Day, sprinkle some corporate supporter love around, it will definitely add some joy to your day.

You’ve got this!


P.S. You might have noticed there are 12 ideas here, in case you are strapped for time this February, remember most of these can work year around!