Is it time to raise more money for your charity or non-profit through corporate fundraising?

If yes, then I have three key tips that are going to help you raise more money this year.

I’m Heather Nelson. I’m a Corporate Fundraising Specialist and I help charities and nonprofits raise more money from companies, with a practical and relationship-based approach.

And I’m here to talk to you about three key ways that you can increase your revenue from corporate funding this year.

Number one: start with relationships.

It’s relationships first. Then send proposals. Then fill out portals. Then to whatever has to happen next, but you want to have a conversation. You want to build a relationship on social media.
You want to look for different ways to connect to the company but start with relationships. Spend your time here.

Number two: alignment is a must.

All the research shows it. That the successful corporate partnerships and sponsorship emerged from where there’s a high alignment between the company and the charity. This may be based on the cause. It may be on the audience.
But either way, make sure the alignment is there and clear before you invest a lot of time in building a partnership.

And the third one: be relevant, be relevant right now.

There are things going on in society. That’s no surprise to you. You need to make sure that you position your organization in context with what is happening in society.

Are you part of the solution? Are you part of the vision of the world we want after this is all over? Is your stakeholder community a community that’s particularly on people’s minds right now? Whatever it is, you need to be relevant now if you want to raise more money from companies. And you need to be clear on how that is.

Those are the three tips. Relationships first, alignment is a must and be relevant now.

If you need help figuring this out for your charity contact me at BridgeRaise and I am happy to help with that.

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Thank you and I look forward to getting to know you.

Heather Nelson

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