It’s all about you, really.  I’m more inspired than ever to offer you best and broadest support I can to help you with all things corporate fundraising.   

How, you ask?  

You and I have connected over successes and challenges around how to raise more money for causes you champion.  I know you need succinct and tangible plans for corporate fundraising that are broken down into easy to implement steps.  And you want someone who can help keep you on track – reminding you of important actions, acting as a sounding board when challenges pop up and drafting or reviewing materials big and small before you send them out. Some of you even need an expert corporate fundraiser on staff, but if you can’t have that having one available on the regular is the next best thing.

To make all this happen, BridgeRaise has upped its game and is offering more tools and templates for you. Have you had a chance to listen to my podcast with The Good Partnership?  It covers some of the building blocks of corporate fundraising, and why understanding the different terms for corporate fundraising matters.  We’ve also shared an actionable workbook on preparing for your introductory call with a corporate prospect. If you missed it, send me a quick note and it’s yours!   

Making more resources like this available is about providing you with genuinely helpful info that builds your capacity and confidence for corporate fundraising.

And as part of our growth I’m also super excited to share that BridgeRaise has a new team member – Cristina Evans.

As so many great beginnings do, it started with a cup of coffee.   

A couple of years ago Cristina and I met up, just as I was branching out into consulting work and as she was considering her next steps professionally after taking some time off to focus on family.  We’d worked together at Food Banks Canada, and had shared a great respect for each other professionally, not to mention a good laugh or two. I particularly admired Cristina’s calm approach to chaos and ability to listen in challenging situations. She always demonstrate such skill in teasing out a rock solid project plan and executing it with ease.  Most of all Cristina always showed a tonne of heart and and huge passion for the cause – and I love that!

As I developed a vision for my business I knew that I wanted to work with Cristina at some point, that her understanding of stewardship and attention to detail could really build on my expertise.  And that we’d have fun doing it together.

And now – a couple of years after that first coffee, I’m thrilled to say she’s joining me as BridgeRaise’s first official employee!

So what does this mean for BridgeRaise?

It means we’re stronger than ever.  With a depth of knowledge in corporate fundraising, serious sector expertise from years working and volunteering in the not-for-profit realm and big-time positive energy, we can offer enhanced strategic corporate fundraising consulting.  Policy development, employee engagement programming, messaging required for corporate,  and sponsorship for events – are all in the wheelhouse. Cristina and I are truly passionate and about making a difference by helping charities achieve their missions, and are all about supporting them to maximize corporate fundraising in order to do so!  

Let’s connect and have a coffee – real or virtual –  to talk about your ideas or opportunities in any of these areas.  After all, some great things can come from a coffee date.

You’ve got this!


P.S. I’m always trying to help more fundraisers be awesome. If you know of anyone who might appreciate the resources and ideas I’m sharing, please invite them to join my inner circle. They can sign up here.