Are you trying to grow your prospect list for corporate partnerships? Then stop mining the same contact list you’ve had for the last year … or longer!

I was driving to a conference the other day when I saw a company’s sign on their building and thought “I need to add that company to the prospect list for….”

Does this happen to you?

This is what we call dreamstorming over here at BridgeRaise.

This is the exercise of writing down all the companies you and the people around you are always thinking: They need to be giving to US!

If you are working with us…we make that list and then the BridgeRaise team does some sleuthing – and I promise you this is not your normal prospect research, it’s next level designed to build aligned corporate partnerships.

You reach out with our recommended first move and your prospect list is activated!

This is just one of a long list of ways you can build your prospect list.

Here are 4 tips will help you build the strongest and freshest prospect list for your organization:

1. Networking – there is no better way to start a conversation than meeting some in person!

2. Dreamstorming…and alignment – This is all about thinking or dreaming about the companies you have always believed are aligned with your organization. Do your research and make a connection!

3. Sector Analysis! What sector matches with your charity via a common stakeholder group, a way of working or maybe something else? Then, look for leading companies in that sector to make a connection with.

4. Talk to your program team! They’re already out there meeting corporate contacts in one way or another and you need to know those folks!

Take these four simple (yet time consuming) steps and put them into ACTION!

This is something BridgeRaise specializes in, so if you need help, reach out!

We love to watch you and your organizations grow!

If you need help with this, reach out to me at [email protected].

You’ve got this!


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