what it means to be sticky

Building successful corporate partnerships focuses on being sticky.


What does it mean to be STICKY, and why does it matter?

Let me tell you what happened…I wanted to cry. Or throw a tantrum.

For months, I’d been in regular conversation with a perfectly aligned corporate prospect.

We’d become friends.

I was on version 10 of our proposal, and moments away from the YES! that was going to propel my nonprofit’s critical program forward. So many more kids were going to receive support.

And then I got a bounce back email:
“This email is no longer being monitored, please contact admin @ abcgiving.com.”


I immediately went to LinkedIn and sure enough my “friend” had a new job, at a new company.

Happy for her, so so so frustrated for me.

All that work, and not even a new contact to work with. Nothing!

And despite working together so closely, I had no idea if anyone at the company knew what we had been planning together.

That was a super tough lesson. My organization never got any support from that company. Hours of time wasted.

I bet a few of you are reading this and saying OMG that’s happened to me. But there isn’t anything you can do about it.

Well, ever since that mistake, I’ve tested solutions. And I’ve got the key to success on this.


My clients hear me say all the time – is this partner sticky?

What is that you ask??

This is where you ensure that more than 1 person knows about your proposal. You connect multiple people at the company to your charity. You look for ways to connect your nonprofit and the company in social media, on your website, through your mutual impact.

You connect in as many ways and build as many connection points as possible.

I know this takes time. And it takes strategizing.

BUT, especially for those of you who have a significant corporate partner or two, or a long proposal underway – it’s critical!! This is the only way to ensure your work translates into sustainable corporate partnerships.

We are always strategizing with our clients on how to do this.

We’ve got a super long list of options that work!! When you work with us, we are always asking the question – is this partnership sticky? Have you leveraged and informed all your connections?

If not, today is the day!! Give it an hour and make sure you have multiple connection points for any prospect or partner that’s important to your revenue.

If you need help with this, BridgeRaise’s services include strategizing, creating social media moves, and providing multiple ideas for connection – all with stickiness in mind.

Set up a call if you want to strengthen the sustainability of your corporate partnerships with a personalized version of this strategy.

And until then,

You’ve got this!

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