Your key contact at your corporate prospect has left, mid negotiation, now what?  

Building corporate partnerships takes time. It often happens across multiple meetings. So what happens when things are rolling, you’ve had a few meetings and then your contact moves to a new company. Maybe you were mid-negotiation, and maybe you were about to close the deal. Now what?

This happens all the time!

I have three tips on what to do when this happens:

1. Send an email: You should always send an email with the hope for a bounce back with a real human’s name involved.

If you receive an email with a new name and contact, then take that opportunity to introduce yourself right away and get on their calendar even if it is for a very short fifteen minute intro call.  During this time together you can update the new contact on the previous conversations you had and try to get the momentum back.

2. Use LinkedIn: As you know, LinkedIn is my solution for a lot of things, and it works here too.

Look for the new contact’s name or perhaps somebody that’s in the same department that might be covering that role. You need to do whatever you can do to get reconnected to a human at the organization. You don’t want to have to resort to that general donation email box.

3. Wish it was six months ago: You are going to wish that six months you had developed sticky corporate partnerships and had solid prospect discussions.

What do I mean about this? At BridgeRaise, we make sure to always have multiple contact points at the company from the very beginning of your relationship to make sure that if somebody leaves or moves, there are other relationships that have been started.

Those can be between you and the organization or Board Directors, program team members or CEO. So, try your best to have sticky corporate partnerships right from the prospect stage.

If you need help with this, reach out to me at [email protected].

I’d love to chat.

You’ve got this!


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