Are you hearing back from your cold prospect emails?

If not, here’s the secret to hearing back.

I’m Heather Nelson and I’m a Corporate Fundraising Specialist. I help charities and nonprofits, raise more money from companies.

And today, I’m giving you the secret to hearing back from your cold prospect emails.

I’ve heard from two of my clients this week, specifically telling me that this worked better than they imagined. They got quicker responses than they thought possible.

 And what did they do? They followed this clear template for an email that gets responses.

1. You start with a sentence that is a hook, an alignment.

The reason that you are reaching out to this specific company, it’s researched and it’s thoughtful. It often includes the name of another person that has referred you, a specific area that you connect or align on, or a problem that you’re going to solve.

2. The second sentence is a sentence about your organization.

Pick the most important. A piece of information, and share it, explaining who you are and what you do. Ideally with a big impact number.

3. And the third thing is the “what’s next?”.

Can I have a short call? Can I ask you a couple of questions?

Make sure it is something very specific, short, and tangible.

With these three sentences, you get answers, because it’s easy to understand, it’s quick to skim and they can give you a quick response.

I encourage you to try it and see how it works for you. To have a conversation with your corporate prospect to share why you think it makes sense.

You don’t need to sell them in the email. You just need to get the call.

Let me know how it goes. I wish you the best of luck with it.

You’ve got this!

Heather Nelson
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