How do you make sure your email gets opened?

You spend a lot of time and effort to compose the perfect email. But what happens if your prospect never opens the email? I have seen way too many people get ghosted by their prospects when corporate fundraising.

Getting them to read your email is a first step in getting ready to pitch to a corporate partner, to build a relationship or to get to know a future sponsor. If this is the step that you need to figure out. This video and the tips provided below are just what you need!

Quick Version: A first step in getting ready to pitch to a corporate partner, to build a relationship or to get to know a future sponsor is to get them to open your email. If this is the step that you need to figure out. This video is for you.

I’m Heather Nelson, a Corporate Fundraising Specialist and I help charities and non-profits raise more money from companies. I’m here to tell you just what you need to do to get your email opened.

The key is starting with a hook. Just like with the above video. I wanted you to watch more, so I started with a hook. And you need to do the same in your emails.

There are three things that I recommend looking for when you’re doing your research on your corporate prospect to find a hook.

1. What are their employees doing?

  • Are they volunteering?
  • Have they been speaking somewhere?
  • Is there an announcement about how great a company this is to work at?

This is a super good place to start for a hook. The first line of your email can reflect your understanding of their employees.

2. Do you align with their priorities?

Whether it’s positioned as their corporate social responsibility (CSR) priorities or the key value that they stand for; if you can find a way that your charity directly aligns with that area – that should be your starting point.

A quick sentence that shows the connection or the alignment between their core priority and your core priority is a great hook.

3. Where have they been seen?

  • Where have they been recently?
  • Have they written a white paper?
  • Have they spoken at a conference?
  • Have they been written up in the news?

If you can make it timely and connect to something that has just happened. That is another great hook.  You could mention something like the following: “I saw you at this conference and you talked about this new program…” is both a way to flatter and to make a connection with them.

So, there you have it. The next time you are writing that very special email to a prospect make sure you get your email opened by starting it with a “hook”.

You’ve got this!!

Heather Nelson

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