If ESG is important to companies, it definitely should at least be on the radar of those charities seeking funds from companies.

Being able to connect with companies in the areas that are mutually aligned is a perfect way to start the conversation around corporate partnership. One of the ways of aligning is based on common connection on environmental, social and governance goals.

ESG – environment, social, governance – are pillars that more and more companies are focusing their efforts on building metrics and objectives around. This movement is also an opportunity for charities to consider how they are doing in these areas.

If it’s important to companies, it definitely should at least be on the radar of those charities seeking funds from companies.

During our conversation we discussed the following (and more):

–  What ESG is and how it is showing up in charities and in companies

–  How charities can leverage ESG in their corporate partnership outreach

–  How they can leverage it to build stronger corporate partnerships

Here are our top 3 take away points regarding corporate fundraising:

1. Charities need to be more familiar with companies ESG (environment, social, governance) strategy at companies and focus on finding alignment in the “S” & “E” – this alignment fosters better relationships/partnerships.

2. Companies implementing ESG strategies and corporate philanthropy understand that it is their license to operate and it directly affects how they make profit. They are eager to partner with organizations that can help them have a better impact in their chosen areas of interests.

3. It is a requirement for most companies with an ESG strategy to show data that they can be evaluated on against these priorities. Charities & non-profits can invest time to research on available data that would help them establish alignment and should highlight these alignments early in conversations.

Make sure to click on the video above to listen to our full discussion.

About Victoria Houle:

Victoria has completed her diploma from Toronto St. Michael’s College in sustainability and social responsibility. She has an extensive career in corporate partnerships in the charitable sector and is now leading the modernization of the community investment program at Ontario Power Generation. 

If you would like to discuss this topic further or if you need assistance in leveraging ESG in your corporate partnership outreach, get in touch with me at [email protected].

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