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“We want ABC insurance company to support us.”—Jen said on our coaching call.

Her tactic felt very focused. So, I asked her to tell me more about why ABC insurance company?

Jen explained that they had quite a few companies in the banking sector but no insurance companies. In reviewing her pipeline with a Board Director, Jen, a smart and strategic leader, identified that diversity of their corporate portfolio was an issue and adding a new sector was critically important to diversifying risk.

She was clear that adding a new company that was in a new sector was a key step to having a diversified set of corporate partners.

She knew it had to happen, and she knew that wanting it alone was not going to make it happen.

But she was stuck.

I totally agreed—more companies, new sectors, and adding them thoughtfully and strategically was a next step to a sustainable and diversified pipeline.

However, Jen was so focused on the specific solution, she was missing the best solution. Jen was trying to drink the ocean through a straw. She was narrowing her focus too soon.

I offered that at BridgeRaise we would look at her corporate pipeline with a wider lens.

  • We’d propose a few sectors that were missing.
  • We’d recommend what sectors would likely lead to the most mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • And we’d do prospect research on several companies in the chosen, or multiple sectors.

The BridgeRaise approach exponentially increased her chances of successfully and meaningfully diversifying her corporate partnership mix.

Of course, Jen could immediately see how this approach could really create a leap forward.

If this is you, I’d love to hear more.

Send me an email and let’s talk.

You’ve got this!


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