Giving to women

Once upon a time, there was a business owner and philanthropist named Heather.

Her business, BridgeRaise, supported charities of different sizes to raise money from companies so they could make a difference in the world. These charities help provide food to vulnerable Canadians, take care of the environment, share art with their communities, provide innovative education to young people, and entrepreneurship training to women in other countries.

With these charities, the world is a better place.

Each of them holds a special place in the BridgeRaise team’s collective heart.

And while BridgeRaise gave to these charities throughout the year, when it was time for holiday giving, a slightly different direction was taken.

This made sense because 2020 was a year full of doing things differently.

And it felt like a year (tbh – really much much longer) that required a more focused action to be taken.

BridgeRaise decided to invest in women’s businesses and give to women-focused charities.

This chosen focus was magnified this year in particular because Heather got to know some exceptional women, and hear their stories while volunteering with the National Day of Conversation about sexual harassment in fundraising.

Her learning was life-changing and inspiring. And it was important that it be shared with you.

Investing time and money in the conversation around sexual harassment in fundraising was an important part of Heather’s year. Hearing the painful experiences of fundraisers around her. Learning how to address situations of harassment differently and powerfully. Believing so strongly that more people needed to be a part of this conversation to truly shift the situation for good.

This experience was eye-opening and important. It aligned deeply with Heather’s belief in fundraisers as individuals and in the importance of raising up the profession.

This made 2020’s tradition of giving like no other. (Read previous holiday giving posts: Dec 2019 and Dec 2018).

For BridgeRaise, this was the year of giving to women. Women entrepreneurs. Women who have been harassed. Women in fundraising. Women’s health, safety and well-being.

And to all of the women fundraisers, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs in my community, BridgeRaise honours you this year.

Thank you to all in my community for being on this year’s journey with me. And I look forward to the amazing things we can accomplish in 2021.

Warmest wishes,

Heather Nelson