By: BridgeRaise Senior Consultant Cristina Evans

It’s a day that gets a lot of buzz each year, leading some charities to feel like they’re missing the boat, while others are meeting revenue goals.  

And it falls right in the heart of what is the busiest of periods – Thanksgiving through holiday time in December- for many fundraisers.

Giving Tuesday – on November 30th.

And we’re here to let you know, it’s not just for individual fundraising, or gratitude campaigns.  There are lots of opportunities to leverage it for corporate fundraising too!

Why do we love Giving Tuesday as an opportunity for corporate fundraising?

 It’s a simple and effective way to raise awareness and funds with companies because…

  • You’re building on a movement.  Leveraging GivingTuesday is a great opportunity to add your simple campaign to the day. You can use the tools and ideas that are already out there to make an ask or just build your relationship with your supporters. It is especially great for charities who don’t have the capacity and staff to run their own dedicated campaigns because so much is done for you!
  • It’s a fit for charities of all sizes. Whether you’re a small or larger charity, there are ideas you can activate to raise awareness and funds.  
  • It’s an excellent way to test ideas. There aren’t many wrong ways to run a campaign on GivingTuesday! You can keep it simple with some social posts acknowledging the day itself, develop a campaign you propose to sponsors, or leverage it to say thanks!
  • It’s an easy entry point for discussions with prospective companies. GivingTuesday campaigns are a topic on many companies’ minds. If you can turn that into a straightforward proposal, it’s a way to seek corporate support that they will be familiar with. 
  • Giving Tuesday campaigns can be low-cost. Since Giving Tuesday campaigns are largely run on social media for a limited amount of time they are an efficient way to raise funds with companies. Surely, you’ve seen a $ per tweet campaign, or do an action and we will donate – you can do that too!

And since the day is about giving in all the ways – from donations to volunteering to expressing gratitude – it’s a super way to build relationships with companies.

Some of our favourite ideas for this are:

  • Take the opportunity to thank supporters – commenting on social on what they’ve given your organization on GivingTuesday
  • Invite companies to volunteer with your organization, or thank them for the volunteering they’ve done
  • Invite them to make a donation to match an employee donation on GivingTuesday, or to make a donation on behalf of their staff  
  • Ask companies to donate $1 for every retweet/post/Instagram like of your organization’s #GivingTuesdayCA  

There are plenty of great examples of how to do this, and resources too. Some of our favourites include:  

And this is all just the start.

Need to talk it through with the BridgeRaise team? We’d be happy to help. We do have bundles of just a few hours that can help you strategize and map out this approach to support and relationship building. 

Sign up for an exploratory call and see if this is for you.

Happy GivingTuesday planning and remember, we love brainstorming so reach out if you want to toss around a few ideas! 


P.S. Quick version: GivingTuesday is coming up fast on November 30. Do you want to try something new? It’s a great chance to initiate a simple campaign or be part of a movement that can raise awareness of your organization and help you build relationships with corporate donors. Sign up for an exploratory call and see if this is for you.




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