Corporate Fundraising: It’s about them, not you. This is the first in my series of stewardship tips for corporate sponsorship. I’m Heather Nelson. I’m a corporate sponsorship and fundraising specialist. I help charities and nonprofits raise more money from companies. This summer I wanted to focus in on how to build relationships and steward those you have with quick stewardship tips. The first one is it’s about them and not you. That means getting to know the companies that are on your prospect list. How do we do this? Get following. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Take the time to get to know what’s going on for them. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked to one of my charity partners who plan to send in a proposal and hasn’t checked in to find out, especially right now, what is going on with the company. Have they laid off people, are they back to work, are they in the office or out, are they working totally virtually or are they one of the offices where things haven’t changed at all. You need to know this. You need to know this before you reach out. That’s how you make sure you don’t sound tone-deaf, one of the worries that I hear all the time right now. So, look for them. Look for them in social, look for main press releases, and get to know them because corporate sponsorship success comes from knowing that it’s about them and not about you. That is my first summer stewardship tip, get following and good luck. Other Summer Stewardship Tips: Making Friends to Get Corporate Sponsors Adding Value is the Road to Success

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