There are incredible benefits to your organization when the Fundraising and Marketing Teams collaborate! 

When marketing and corporate fundraising work well together, your organization’s messages are amplified, companies are thanked for their contributions, and you successfully raise both awareness and funds for your mission.

When they are not…well…we get in our own way!

One of the ways that your job as a Corporate Fundraiser can be more fun, your cause can be amplified and your connections can be built is by working collaboratively with your marketing department.

In our discussion, Jordana and I covered the following as part of our discussion: 
– Setting a marketing strategy that considers corporate partnerships, and even attracts new ones.
– How corporate recognition can be woven into your marketing, including some practical examples.
– Strategies that will help fundraising and marketing collaborate for the good of your organization.

Make sure to click on the video above to listen to our full discussion.

About Jordana Merkin:

After a decade as an in-house nonprofit marketer, Jordana Merkin founded Voice for Good to bring her insider knowledge and outsider perspective to help growing nonprofits raise awareness and funds through strategic marketing and communications. Her work as a mission-driven marketer includes crafting clear messaging guides and strategic marketing plans.

Every nonprofit has a story to tell, and Jordana partners with under-resourced organizations to build a foundation for each one to share its story effectively. With a mission to give voice to good causes, Jordana grows capacity for small nonprofits, building meaningful connection with those who matter most.

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You’ve got this! 


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