Resolutions and Habits for Corporate Donor Love!

Have you been listening and reading all kinds of podcasts, webinars and articles about new year’s resolutions? Do you have a theme, goal, or idea of how you want your 2019 to look?

We’re nearly a month in and I’ve finally picked my theme, made my list of #19for2019 (a fun activity from Gretchen Rubin ), and set up my first quarter goals. I have also spent some serious time reading about how to form habits and have decided that continuing to develop the right habits when it comes to corporate appreciation will be a major focus of mine in the new year.

Corporate appreciation was also of the points I highlighted in last year’s blog “3 Things to do in January to set Yourself up for Corporate Fundraising Success.” So why, you ask, does this particular goal need to be revisited? Because it alone could be the key to your corporate fundraising success in 2019. Let’s review, shall we.

How to Make Sure That Your Corporate Supporters Feel the Love (All Year Round)

Strategy 1: Brainstorm a list of ways to show corporate supporters love and put it somewhere where you will see it all the time. Bulletin board, phone reminder, screen saver…you get the idea!

Strategy 2: Book 1 hour every week to take donor appreciation action.

Strategy 3: Appreciate yourself while you’re at it! Make yourself a special cup of tea or enjoy a fancy coffee while you tackle ways to show donors just how much they mean to you.

Strategy 4: Stay accountable. Send [email protected] (or another accountability partner) a quick email to let them know you completed your corporate donor appreciation for the month. Reading an email like this would make my day!!!

Strategy 5: Start the streak this week and try to go 52 weeks in a row. Each week that you complete your donor appreciation duty, put a star on your calendar! Remind yourself what a great job you’re doing meeting your goals.

What do you think? Is it possible to get in the habit of showing your corporate donors the love they deserve? Is there something else that works for you that I didn’t include on this list? I’d love to hear what you think.

I truly believe that making appreciation a priority is a key step to being successful at raising more money from your corporate partners – and I want to help you succeed! Need help planning things out? Shoot me an email and we’ll have you conquering corporate appreciation in no time.

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You’ve got this!