For those of you who know me, know I LOVE summer. It can’t be HOT enough. And I need to be outside, in nature, with friends and family enjoying it.

With this in mind, here’s my list of ways to add fun and success to your summer, with a soundtrack to go with it!

1. Take a break!
I will be! I am off for 3 weeks scattered throughout the summer. BridgeRaise team members are taking time too!! Don’t worry though we will let you know and cover each other off. Are you taking a break? A REAL break?

2. Try something new
Personally, I’m taking up stand-up paddleboarding. It’s not going to be easy, but it is going to be fun!! I honestly think trying new things personally helps us take risks professionally too. Do you agree?

3. Take a break!!
Just in case it wasn’t clear in #1, we all need it, and it will make all the difference. If it’s a short one, maybe singing along to one of our summer tunes will be the thing!

4. Make some thank you calls
They really are the BEST! I love hearing how the corporate donors react when you call just to let them know you appreciate them, and their company.

I believe this is critical in creating sticky relationships. (need to know what sticky relationships are, click here for the tip sheet).

5. Read (or listen to!) a book
Between us, I read a lot of easy-to-digest romances and young adult fiction to give my mind a break. AND I’ve also been reading some books like Collecting Courage to stretch my mind. Both are important!! Do you have some mind resting books on your shelf? How about a mind stretcher?

6. Connect with your Peeps!
My fundraising friends are SO IMPORTANT to me!! I hope they feel the love in every word of this message. I can’t wait to connect with them over the summer and into the fall. In the timing that is right for them, and me. Do you have time to connect? Might be a good priority over the next few months.

7. Write something now for later

When there is a quiet moment, write a thank you letter, or an appeal, or a meaningful social post that you are going to post, send, or use in the fall. You will thank me later.

There will be a moment that you are in flow, and it will be so much easier to be creative than once things are open, and the fall rush is on. I’m preparing a Corporate Fundraising Introductory course over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more on that.

8. Block off time
Even more specific than taking a break. I also want you to block off a day, or 2 to advance that project that you never get to, but REALLY know would be game-changing. I’m definitely going to, see #7.

I hope this helps you find some fun, success, and rest in the next couple of months. I’d love to hear from you about how it is going. And, to help you be successful with it, team BridgeRaise has put together a little Spotify playlist of summer fun to inspire you!!

Check it out here!

Heather Nelson
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