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Do you believe these three corporate partnership myths?

Myth #1: Corporate partnerships are built between people so it’s the same as individual fundraising.

Myth #2: They’re busy, so I won’t bother them while I’m fulfilling the proposal.

Myth #3: You have to say yes to whatever they are asking for.

Me neither! 😉

And I decided to write about it when Dana Snyder, Founder & CEO of Positive Equation, offered the opportunity to share an article with her community, because I knew it was just what they’d find most helpful.

You definitely want to read this article.

It covers just how important it is for you to debunk these myths on your way to building meaningful corporate partnerships.

I break down each of these myths—providing you with actionable takeaways so you can start building stronger, more values-aligned corporate partnerships, and an approach that will help build your revenue in the very best way.

You can access 3 Corporate Partnership Myths Hindering Meaningful Connection by clicking here.

Make sure to join her community while you are on her website, because her emails are hot!

And what do you think? Are any or all of these myths holding you back?

And if they are, what would a reframe look like.

You’ve got this!


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