Canadians are frequently accused of saying sorry for everything. To be honest, I consider myself less apologetic than most but still, I find myself saying sorry for things that are completely out of my control. Do you?

Given how easily “sorry” rolls off the Canadian tongue, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised to hear apologetic tones being woven into corporate fundraising asks. But I am, every time. You know why? Because this drives me CRAZY.

If you need to say sorry as a part of your corporate sponsorship or funding request, you need to figure out why and fix it! If you are doing it right, you are offering a company the privilege of partnering with your exceptional charity to make a positive change in the world. Or, you are providing them with a sponsorship opportunity that will advance their business objectives. In both cases, what you’re offering is beneficial to their business and apologetic is the last thing you should be.

Be Unapologetic in your Fundraising Ask

A successful approach to corporate funding involves being strategic, confident and prepared. So, let’s drop the “sorry” and start changing the narrative. You have something clear and tangible to offer that will benefit your corporate partner. With this in mind, your task is to explain your offering and how it aligns with what the company needs, and then deliver. No apology required.

Having clarity around your offering, your message, and being confident in your delivery are all things that can be developed over time. If you feel like you need some help fine-tuning your message, check out this blog on building your elevator pitch.

Need help gaining confidence and feeling prepared? Give me a call!

Practice is key, and that we can do together. In the meantime, remember you are awesome and your charity has something special to offer a company. Spend your time figuring out what that is and refine the way you deliver that message.

Sorry, not sorry.

You’ve got this!

P.S. If you find yourself thinking about how accountability and a back-pocket expert in corporate fundraising would make SUCH A DIFFERENCE to you as you enter the fall. Let’s talk! I have a couple of openings to support fundraisers who want to increase their corporate revenue so let’s make it happen.