Being ghosted by a corporate prospect and worrying about it is the worst.

I woke up at 2 am and was thinking to myself, I wonder why Jen didn’t respond to my proposal? What did I do wrong?


Have you ever sent out a proposal…and waited…and then waited some more?  And done nothing?

I just wasn’t hearing back.

I’d sent the message. I’d had the conversation. I thought things were going well and then … then silence.

Have you put off making the call or writing the follow up email CONVINCED they were upset with you?

 Hi, I’m Heather. I’m a Corporate Fundraising Specialist and I help charities, and nonprofits, raise more money from companies.

 Honestly, the first thing I did for the longest time after sending the original proposal and a couple of appropriate follow-ups, was to worry:

  • I would think about all the things I might have done wrong.
  • Did one of my other blogs or videos, offend them or demonstrate a misalignment in values.
  • Was there something I said in the proposal that wasn’t quite right?

All of the ideas I had in my head were things that were on my side. Things, I might have done wrong.

So, what did I do?

I wrote an email that was honest and authentic, and I asked …

Did I make a mistake? Did I do something wrong? Did I miscommunicate?

Is it something I missed? Could I learn from this?

And then I sent it. The loop wasn’t closed. The connection was just out in the ether, not moving forward.

I gave them a chance to help me learn. To educate me on what I might have done wrong, but also, to share their truth and their situation.

Spoiler alert, I got some great answers.

Different answers, some very positive around just it wasn’t about me. Others where they provided some new information.

It was all good. I spent a ton of energy worrying about things that weren’t true, weren’t accurate, and where I didn’t have enough information to even determine what was true or accurate.

Could this work for you? Instead of wondering what you might have done wrong, said, or done.

Maybe ask, ask the question. Be transparent. Be honest. Be authentic.

Maybe you’ll get the responses I did. Those were helpful and useful for learning.

I hope so. I hope this helped you. If it did, leave a comment below or share it with someone.

Maybe it can help them too.

Heather Nelson
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