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It’s possible – and we’re here to help you achieve it.

If your organization is ready to take corporate fundraising to the next level and raise big (or even bigger) money from companies, we can help. If, on the other hand, you have a program in place that isn’t meeting targets and/or has a short or stagnant pipeline, we can help there too.

Here are three main items the BridgeRaise team looks at when we start a Strategic Assessment:

Number 1: We look at the sector.

We look at other organizations that might be considered your competitors, or that might be considered organizations doing particularly cool things in your sector and we summarize the highlights that you need to know.

Number 2: We look at the trends.

We examine the ways that companies are giving to charities, and the most important things that are going on in the sector. Then, we pull out the nuggets that are most important for YOUR success.

Number 3: We check your first impression.

How are companies seeing you when they come to your website, social media, LinkedIn? We make sure that you’re ready to be seen and that you are looking like the organization they WANT to partner with.

Want to learn more about a Strategic Assessment that sets you up for Corporate Partnership success?

Visit: https://www.bridgeraise.com/strategy-development/ 

You’ve got this!


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