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It’s all about setting YOU up for success before you pick up the phone or walk into the boardroom.

Planning for your meeting with your corporate sponsor prospect is all about 2 things: the right research and the right questions.

You can read more about the right research here.

This is all about the right questions.

It’s all about setting YOU up for success before you pick up the phone or walk into the boardroom. 

The key here is it’s about getting your prospect talking and that means asking the right questions.

Here are 5 of the most powerful questions (from a much larger list we keep in our tool box) that you can ask as a prospective corporate partner that will start a knockout conversation and have their full attention.

Put these in your discovery call/meeting agenda or come prepared (with the right mindset) to get right to these top questions answered.

  1. Are you familiar with my charity? What are your impressions? If yes, what experience have you had with us?
  2. Do you have a particular target audience that you have prioritized engaging as part of your plans this year?
  3. What part of our work interests you most?
  4. What do you like to see as part of a sponsorship package? What do you like to see as part of your corporate partnerships?
  5. We are pulling together a small focus group to discuss this initiative further and to ensure it is as effective as possible in fulfilling our mission, would you be willing to respond to a few follow up questions?

Remember, your goal with prospects is to build a relationship and to position yourself as a solution to their needs. This is about listening and understanding alignment.

These questions are part of a longer list, and you can read that here.

Interested in support in doing the research and building the strategies, you can read more about how we at BridgeRaise do that here.

You’ve got this!


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