Jars of sticky honey and honey sticks with flowers around them.

Sticky = Successful AND Sustainable.

Successful corporate partnerships are “sticky”. ‘Sticky’ corporate partnerships are ones that will LAST, that will generate significant revenue and address multiple mutually beneficial business needs.

You need a plan to build that oh-so-successful corporate partnership stickiness and we’re breaking it down in just 4 steps.

1. Partner with the “right” companies

You can’t build a great partnership on a shaky foundation so make sure before you invest time and effort that you and your partner prospect have mutual values and goals. Finding aligned corporate partnerships may be more upfront work but it’s worth it for the long term. (We can help with the prospecting process!)

2. Solve a business need

Create win-win scenarios. Often, a corporation is looking for positive exposure to  i d e a l  audiences. And, often a non-profit is looking for increased exposure to  n e w  audiences. Make it happen, together. And, make it measurable. However, that’s not the only business need, make sure you ask the question “what is it that is important to your company from this partnership?”.

3. Steward the person and company

Sticky, sustainable and successful corporate partnerships need a fourth ‘S’: Stewardship. For both the organization and your contact who is making it happen. Consider how you can serve the partnership objectives and how to make your contact’s job easier.

4. Engage company employees in corporate volunteerism

Employee engagement opportunities often solve a need on both sides. These opportunities can be large-scale volunteerism, board director positions, or individuals working on specific projects, the specifics are not as important as the number of opportunities to get involved. The more the better!

Sounds simple, right? Building connections, alignment and sustainable deliverables is the ticket to sticky corporate partnership success.


This is our sweet spot. Sticky partnerships is one of our primary strategies and we have tips and tools and time to help you lock this down (and some of them are free!). Join us in building successful corporate parnterships.

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You’ve got this!


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